The following is a statement of assistance given to Mr. Robert Patula by The People’s Club and its directors.

Assistance was given on August 4, 2020 for the purchase of the of the special tilt and space wheelchair model number quantum Q6 EDGE version 3. Without that assistance I would be still waiting for this chair. I was waiting for three years to complete the purchase of this chair with my doctor ordered & built specially for me. Every part is numbered so it is not your standard chair of that model.  It has allowed me freedom, thank you Thomas and the directors.

The chair has a retail price of $20,000, I could not cover the cost through Medicare which comes out to the normal fee of 25% roughly $3000 the cost of the grant. The chair has provided me the freedom that I was in bed for 3 1/2 years, thank you I will forward you the photo of me in the chair. In a separate e-mail I have asked several people in that 3 1/2 years everyone promised to help and provided assistance for food and my family to those people that tried to help thank you.

But it was not enough to cover the needed money for the chair. The People’s club was the only organization that stepped up and gave me that freedom. Again, thank you Thomas Williams and The Peoples Club directors for that assistance.

Sincerely Mr. Robert Patula


Jason Healy, Ireland

I received €200.00 in January 2020 for heating oil. It was needed badly. Believe it or not I still have some of this oil still in the tank due to managing it carefully. This is the way of things when you are unable to find work. Despite still looking and attending many interviews I still in October 2020 have not managed to find work. I have been out of work for over a year now, forced unemployment. You couldn’t make it up. But I understand why this is and what’s been going on. It has only strengthened my resolve to destroy the existing corrupt financial control system.

When help was offered to members of our group here in Ireland, I did ask for some assistance but stressed that if there was another member who had children or who needed this help to put food on the table for instance to give it to them instead. I made do with an open fire and while the rest of the house was cold I managed. Anyway the heating oil arrived and it felt brilliant walking from room to room and having each room warm. It is important to state at NO time has anyone even mentioned this assistance I received to me. It was not and has never been used against me in any way. What I am trying to say is that I was given this help with NO strings attached. Nothing was asked from me in return. I know nothing will be asked of me for this is not how the Peoples Club operates.

It from my experience is and does exactly what it states on the tin; it’s a helping hand for those who are struggling with whatever issues they may be experiencing. In fact not only was nothing asked or expected of me in return for this assistance but NOBODY outside of those who run the Peoples Club knew I received it. I can speak to the value of this enterprise and the confidentiality afforded to those who receive help. In fact I only divulged this assistance I received when I felt it right to speak up for and protect it/Thomas (the Peoples Club creator) when they were receiving unfair, unjustified and unwarranted attacks claiming un-correctly that funds donated to it were being stolen and not being used to help others. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. It is my firm intention once I get back on my feet to repay this money even though it is neither expected nor asked that I do so and to repay it with interest.

I will do this because I want to NOT because I am expected or asked to. I will do it willingly and gratefully. During a very difficult time of my life financially, the Peoples Club was there to help me and while financial issues are still present knowing there was someone/anyone who was more than willing to provide some assistance to me helped me in more ways than you could imagine. It did wonders for my sense of charity that exists in humanity. To end I am happy to confirm this testimonial with whomever wishes I am not hard to find, reach out to me and I will be happy to speak to ANYONE who is questioning the merits and validity and integrity of the Peoples Club.

Jason Healy, Ireland (THI member)

Dave B.

Most importantly, I must say this right at the start: The People’s Club is the real deal.
My Wife went through surgery for cancer, and without her being able to work thereafter, we were looking at 3 months without her income.
I made my request TPC to supplement my income due to fixed income, so that we could pay our bills and travel money for Doctors visits until November.
They came through in a few days, and like clockwork sent the $760 each month as I had requested. While that may not seem like a lot to most people, it could just have well been a million dollars to us. Everything we needed was taken care of, with the money that was sent.
We are very grateful for their help, and I now continue to donate each month as I can.
THANK YOU to The People’s Club!
Dave B.

Help given Feb 2020 $527
The Peoples Club was there for me when I needed help. I explained why I needed help, and how much I needed and the request was approved very quickly.
TPC would be a good model for how a charitable organization should be run. All the donations go back to the people.
I am really grateful to TPC and the people who support the effort.
I am also happy to contribute, so that others can get help when they need.

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