A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out


We believe and know America can be a shining example to the world, and we can accomplish this best, by first and foremost by taking care of our own populace.


Our organization's mission is to be one of the most unique, transparent and subscriber driven philanthropic organizations, with the goal of one day this will spread across the world, via the TPC countries.


To discover how you can help us or submit your proposal, click on the above HOW YOU CAN HELP text or go to the Help Us tab at the top of the page.

The Peoples Club is a philanthropic organization with our new program of building a club for and by the people.We are confident with your support to change all aspects of life and provide teaching, counseling of our new way for humanity to individuals, groups and families.With the funds raised, we will provide to those who seek financial support assistance for a variety of needs.For the first time in history we are building a group for and by the people, and return the power back to the people. So the Peoples Club becomes the voice of the people, the support for the people, and a vehicle that is all for one and one for all.

We are here to make all of our lives better by providing a group that operates for and by the people. We will endeavor to change all aspects of our lives into a better and fairer society, based on need not greed, caring and sharing and being cooperative not competitive. We are a solution based group focusing on all aspects of society that benefit all the people, and have formed groups so that everyone can voice their solutions to bring about change for the all. Nothing in the past has worked for we the people, because We the people did not have one voice, one group or one vision, we were all divided.

The only way this will work is the participation of the all, all people coming together for a common cause and club, for and by the people.
All we are asking for is $1 or more per week or month, if just 1% of Americans funding their own club, will generate $3M a week or month depending on donations.
We ask as many to donate as possible, and remember with it being a 501C3 charity your donations are tax deductable, why give your money to a tax man, when you can help support We the people.

With that we can employ people, create businesses, help homeless, help poverty issues, feed people, provide financial support all to the people that require it.
We invite you to view our TPC introduction videos Parts 1 & 2 for a full overview of what we here, are intending to build.

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