State Project Group Procedures

by Thomas Williams

If you are setting up FB or Mewe groups I would like each group called THI and state or country name only, that way we can define it easier and also make it easier to find in search engines.
I want THI groups to form into 50 state groups in America, EU and other countries to create their own groups and can combine with other groups as they see fit.

Each state will appoint a leader for that state based on a state group vote. It is up to that leader to follow the guidelines set out in general today, and also in line with other state members, be flexible, it is not my way or the highway.
The only reason for appointing a leader is so I have a point of contact within that state, which makes things easier for me, so I don’t have like now, everyone bombarding me with issues, complaints, questions, it takes up too much of my time.

The reason why I say states and not cities or counties, is we don’t have enough people for cities or even counties, for cities we would need around 25K facebook pages and groups, for counties we would need 3300+ FB groups, or we keep it simple for now and have 50 state groups, and when it grows in each state, those in that state group can decide whether to form into counties or cities, each state decides their path only.
This is about each state growing their groups, and once sufficient people in each state reach certain numbers, and it becomes more beneficial to have county groups first and then city/town groups, the latter of which is the circles expanding I speak about.
Currently we are starting off with a few dots in any given state.

Each groups should create a structure and database of members and skillsets, arrange to meet on a call maybe once a week, to discuss things relevant to their state only.
Possible projects, investigation work, ideas for the state and or the group, appoint tasks for each state members, arranged calls for that state to be posted in that state group page only to avoid confusion, not on main THI page.
Once a state reaches 50 members, it should be considered by the group to move out of FB and into a blog or website for your info.

Every two weeks or a month calls to be made whereby all 50 states get together to discuss how they are progressing, put forward ideas that will be helpful to other states, discuss projects, ask each other for help with different things.
For the EU every two weeks they would combine, OZ/NZ the same.

Once a month arrange a call for all 50 states with me for state group Q & A only, no show stuff discussions.

There will be no separate groups created that are associated with THI, outside of the THI state or country groups without approval, the idea of that is to create a global network of us all pulling in the same way, not splinter groups which can create divide and conquer, everything has to be open and all inclusive.

There will be no private selling of personal goods on the sites, if members wish to sell stuff to provide funds for TPC, then that is fine, but no personal selling allowed. Using the popularity of THI for personal gain is not what this group is about. I personally have not received a single cent for running that Foundation to date, so only fair no one else gains personally, TPC is about providing funds for projects or the needy.
Other countries outside of America can arrange their own funding or donations for their country, as they don’t currently have a foundation set up, like America has with The Peoples club.
One thing I would like to add is those creating THI state or country groups name is THI state or country only, that way it is easier to find via the search engine, whether that is in FB or mewe group. Eventually it will expand out into Country